What computer is right for me?
Understanding what type of computer will work for the Intermediate Computer Users.


You would be considered an Intermediate Computer user if you like to play video games on your computer. We are referring to games more advanced than Solitaire or Facebook games.  Examples of the type of games we are referring to would be Dota, League of Legends, Counter Strike Go, World of Warcraft, EVE, Borderlands, Elite, etc.



A gaming computer’s key component is that it will need a dedicated graphics card, along with a bump up in the hardware components.


The below list is the bare minimum you should look for when buying a gaming computer.


  • Windows 10
    • 64 bit
    • 1 TB Hard Drive
    • 8GB RAM
    • Most games are fine with an Intel Core i3 Processor but an i5 Processor will open up more gaming options.
    • When looking for a computer with a dedicated video graphics card, look for one of the below phrases along with at least 4 GB.
    – NVIDIA (4GB minimum)
    – AMD RX (4GB minimum)
    – GTX (4GB minimum)
    – Geforce (4GB minimum)


When looking for a computer that can handle your games, filter by using the term Gaming Laptop, Gaming PC, or Gaming Computer.  This will help with filtering out most of the computers that don’t have the components you need and you can easily see what options you have available.


A well-known computer company that is dedicated to only creating gaming computers is Alienware, they are associated with the company Dell. Click the link to go to their website.




For Average Users- Web surfing, basic computer games, Facebook/Twitter, Emails, run Microsoft Programs. Click Here

For Advanced Users- Online gaming with high quality resolution. Click Here