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 Mound City Office: 702 State St. | MO | 64470

Local & Basic Services

Basic Services

Residential Monthly Charges

Local Phone Service -$5.40

Single Line Charge - $6.50

Fed. Universal SC- $0.98

Deaf Relay - $0.08

Access Recovery - $1.00

One Time Fees

Install - $10.25

Stock Fee - $ 10.00

Deposit - $75.00


Monthly Fees

Call Waiting - $2.00

Call Forwarding - $1.50

Caller ID - $4.00

Deny Origination - $5.00

Toll Deny - $10.00

3-Way Calling - $2.25

Speed Call 8 - $1.75

Speed Call 30 - $2.25

"Teen" Ring - $4.00

Non Published - $0.50

Additional Listing - $0.50

$5.00 Installation Charge when adding these handy features.

Commercial rates for these services may differ.

Long Distant Services


Rock Port Long Distance

11 cents a minute-anytime.*

No package plans for Convenient Billing.

*Must have Basic Phone services with Rock Port Telephone for 1 year to be qualified for Rock Port Long Distance.

Additional Long Distance Providers

Rock Port Telephone offers Equal Access, the ability to choose your long distance provider. Inform us of which long distance provider you wish to use for your in-state calls and your out-state calls.

Below is the list of Companies we honor.

American Broadband (dba Holway Telephone)..... 935-2211

AT&T ........1-800-222-0300

Broadwing Telecommunications......1-800-422-1199



Level 3....1-800-482-4848

MCI Verizon....1-800-444-3333

Oregon Farmers Mutual....446-3391

Lifeline Eligibility

If you participate in one of the following: You are eligible to participate in Lifeline.

Medicaid SSI Food Stamps LIHEAP TANF Federal Public Housing Assistance National School Free Lunch Program