Kids seem to have this amazing super power to find a tablet or phone like a moth to a flame.  It doesn’t matter where you put your devices, they find a way to get a hold of that magic slab and use their invisibility power to go hide somewhere to play on it as long as possible.

While it is good to make sure they are not on devices for hours at a time, letting them play on devices is great problem solving skills; however, with great power comes greater risk of them doing something they aren’t supposed to on the device.

If you are a parent that is constantly in fear of what your child may do on a device, fear no more, we are here to help empower you with knowledge to make you the Superhero Tech Parent you truly are and help your Hero in Tech Training along the way!

Your Superpower Force-field: Internet Filters & Protection Software.

The first thing you should do, the moment you get a device, is setup Internet filters, malware software, and monitoring software to ensure that your child will not easily wonder-off where they should not go.

To learn more about Internet Filters & Protection Software read our blog that covers this in details here.  (Blog coming soon)


Finding the Superhero Device that’s Perfect for Your Hero in Training

Before purchasing the device or downloading apps, read the reviews and comments area to see what the majority of previous customers thought.  The safest and easiest types of tablets to get are ones that are dedicated for children, like the “Fire Kids Edition Tablets” which has easy to use parental controls and usually comes with a 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited (20,000 kid popular games and apps).

When searching for game apps for your children you will notice that a lot are free; but free usually means they will run ads that your child may click-on. You can usually purchase the app to remove the ads. If you choose to not purchase the app and use the free version, be sure and educate your children on what an ad is and how to exit them.


Play with the Device to Know How it Works Before Giving it to Your Hero in Training

If this is a new device to you, be sure to play with it first to ensure that it will be safe for your child.  If this is a gift for the child, play with it while they are not around to determine it will be safe.  Add the filters & protection software before placing it back in its box so they can enjoy it the moment they receive the gift.


Communicate to your Hero in Training of Dangers and Rules

Discuss safety tips to your child.  You can print out our below rules and place them on the fridge, play area, or the child’s bedroom.