Policies Preserving the Open Internet


Rock Port Telephone and Subsidiaries: Midwest Data Center and Rock Port Cablevision, (collectively the “Company”) are committed to providing Internet access (the “Service”) in a manner that fosters an open and robust public Internet and that complies with the Open Internet Rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commissions (“FCC”). Subject to reasonable network management practices, in providing the Service, the Company will not: (1) not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices; or (2) unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic.


Network Management

Like other Internet service providers, the Company manages its network to protect the security, integrity, and reliability of the network. To do so, the Company uses generally accepted industry standard tools. The Company does not modify the protocols of these industry standard tools. We also comply with applicable law.


Network Performance

The Company provides services for residential and commercial customers with a choice of data plans that meet their needs. Service descriptions and pricing are available on the Company website at https://residential.mwdata.net. While the Company provisions their network to ensure customers are provided the speeds in which they subscribe, Internet speeds generally result from a “best effort” service and are dependent on a number of variables. Many of these variables are outside the controls of the Company such as: end user equipment, number of applications running on end user’s equipment, number of devices utilized in a wireless network and congestion beyond the Company’s network (websites, video sites etc.). The Company does not guarantee that a customer will achieve speeds set forth at all times. The speeds the Company provides are at a “best effort” and are contingent on the above-described factors. The Company does not utilize techniques to throttle bandwidth based on protocol or service unless it deems necessary due to abuse or extreme congestion of the network. Examples of this abuse would be: Denial of Service Attacks, network floods, network scans, etc.



Pricing and Terms and Condition of Service

Information about pricing of service is available at: https://residential.mwdata.net. Service Terms are on a Month-to-Month basis for residential services. Customized commercial services may be subject to multi-year contracts. The Company’s AUP is available https://rptel.net/usage-policy. If you have questions or concerns about the Company’s policies or how we manage our network, please contact us at:


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