If you are alive today, you probably have an email account. And if you have an email account, you probably get a lot of unwanted emails (SPAM!). I want to share with you a simple tip about reducing the amount of SPAM you get on a regular basis.


First, there are two types of SPAM:


  • Emails from legitimate companies (like Amazon or Cabela’s). These are generally professional looking and have nice sales ads or something in them. You usually get on these mailing lists because you entered your email on their website when you ordered something (or in some other website) and you agreed to their terms (including receiving emails).


  • Emails about Nigerian princes, dietary supplements, and the like. These are often just a little bit of text and a link. You get these because there are unscrupulous people out there trying to scam people and they do so by sending emails to as many people as they can.


Category two is often caught by SPAM filters and it won’t end up in your inbox. There isn’t much you can do about these other than have a good SPAM filter.



Category one however has an easy fix! At the bottom of any email from a legitimate company, there will be a link with instructions to unsubscribe from their email list. Companies are legally required to honor these requests and they really do work. Often it is as simple as clicking the link and then clicking a “Yes I want to unsubscribe” button.


It may take a little time, but you can take control of your inbox if you are diligent about clicking that unsubscribe button on any email you don’t want to receive.


TL;DR – Click the little unsubscribe button at the bottom of SPAM. It really works.





Michael Richardson – I’m an IT Systems Analyst / Project Manager for Midwest Data Center, a former IT Salesman, and a Youth Pastor at my local church. I live in Maryville, MO and I enjoy learning and implementing new technologies for businesses, solving problems and puzzles, and teaching about my faith.