Caching is how your browser attempts to keep loading time to view websites to a minimum by storing already visited pages.  If you noticed that you go to a new website and it takes a few seconds longer than if you go to a website that you visit more often, it is because of caching. That new page will now load faster the next time you visit it, compared to the first time, because it is now stored in your cache.

Although caching is great to make loading time faster, it can cause issues.  For instance, if new information has been added to a website you may not see the latest changes because your cache is loading an older version of the website. Over time your cache will update to the latest changes, however, it can take it awhile (usually 24 hours). To speed the process along, you can clear your cache so that it takes the latest changes instantly.

Each Browser is different at how to clear its cache. This blog will go over how to do it on iPhones. Click on the other browsers below to go to the blog with instructions on how to clear cache for their system.

Firefox   Chrome   IE    Safari (Coming Soon)   Android (Coming Soon)


To start clearing your cache on iPhones.

1. Open your Settings on your phone.



2. Scroll until you see your Settings Then tap to open it.

3. A new screen will appear, scroll to the bottom.



4. You should see Clear History and Website Data. Select it.



5. A popup will appear. Select Clear History and Data



6. The blue Clear History and Website Data will now be grey to indicate the action has occurred.



7. Be sure to refresh your browser or just close out of all your browser tabs and start a new page to make sure you see the changes.