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Tech Tips for Parents for Your Little Superhero

Kids seem to have this amazing super power to find a tablet or phone like a moth to a flame.  It doesn’t matter where you put your devices, they find a way to get a hold of that magic slab and use their invisibility power to go hide somewhere to play on it as long  Continue Reading »

Cyber Security Quiz

Did You Lock the Door?

LOCK YOUR DOOR. LOCK YOUR COMPUTER. LOCK YOUR ACCOUNTS WITH SECURE PASSWORDS. Locking the door to our homes when we leave is something most do on autopilot. If you drive to work, you automatically lock your vehicle after arriving to your destination. Checking the physical locks in our life is easy, we don’t even think  Continue Reading »

What Does a Hard Drive Do?

It is always a great practice to understand how your computer works. It can help troubleshoot issues that you may encounter and to better educate yourself when looking for a new computer.   With that comes one of the first things most IT people will mention is the hard drive. What exactly does the hard  Continue Reading »

What computer is right for me? Part 3: Advanced User

What computer is right for me? Understanding what type of computer will work for the Advanced Computer Users.   You would be considered an advanced computer user if you use a computer for video editing, animations, photo editing, and general graphic design with adobe products or any professional editing software. These editing software programs require  Continue Reading »

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